About Us

The DSF Charitable Foundation is the charitable-giving organization of the David Scaife family. The Foundation seeks to promote excellence in three program areas: health, human services, and education. The grant program focuses on southwestern Pennsylvania, primarily Pittsburgh, where the Foundation is based. The Foundation has a particular interest in helping to create or sustain models of excellence that have potential to be replicated elsewhere and may therefore be of more general benefit to the nation.

The Foundation was established in 2000 when the assets of an existing foundation were divided. Thus far, the Foundation has paid or pledged a total of approximately $85 million in grants.


  • David N. Scaife
  • Sanford B. Ferguson
    Vice Chairman
  • Sara D. Scaife
  • Edward J. Goncz
  • David G. Scaife


  • J. Nicholas Beldecos
    Executive Director
  • Megan A. Collins
    Senior Program Officer